Annual Wellness Physicals

An annual wellness physical is a preventive healthcare service that aims to assess and promote your overall health and well-being. 

These annual wellness physicals are typically pre-arranged visits with your primary care physician. The physician will review your health and wellness and develop a personalized preventive healthcare plan for your specific needs.

Over time, the conventional routine general checkup has evolved into wellness visits or wellness physicals. A crucial aspect of these wellness physicals involves a collaborative approach with your physician and a focus on your personalized needs. 

At Destiny Internal Medicine, we provide comprehensive annual wellness physicals to review your health. These appointments are usually hour-long visits with your physicians, where you collaboratively work to make a health plan that prioritizes your specific needs and addresses your unique health conditions.

Our wellness physicals are designed to help you achieve your best health and an improved quality of life. The annual wellness physicals expand to include emotional and psychological well-being along with your physical well-being. 

What is an Annual Wellness Physical?

During an annual wellness physical, your physician will review your medical history, assess your current health status, and develop a personalized prevention plan. Annual wellness physicals or annual wellness visits are usually covered by insurance such as Medicare and more. 

The annual wellness physical aims to identify potential health risks, provide preventive advice, and empower you to make informed decisions about your health. 

What is included in Annual Wellness Physicals?

These appointments with your physician might be an hour-long and are focused on preventive care and overall health assessment. Your annual wellness physical may include:

  • Health risk assessment (HRA): This is an evaluation of your medical and family history, lifestyle, and other factors that might contribute to your health risks.
  • Routine measurements: Vital signs like height, weight, blood pressure, and body mass index (BMI) are often recorded to assess your general health.
  • Medication review: Your physician will review your current medications, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and supplements.
  • Prevention plan: Based on the gathered information, your physician will develop or update a personalized prevention plan. It may include recommendations for screenings, vaccinations, and other preventive services.
  • Discussion of advance care planning: The physician may discuss and document your preferences for future medical care.
  • Cognitive impairment assessment: A brief cognitive impairment assessment may be conducted depending on your age and medical history.
  • Health education and counseling: We may offer you health education and counseling services to promote a healthy lifestyle and address any identified health risks.
  • Screening schedule: A plan for future screenings and preventive services may be established based on your health status and risk factors.

It is important to note that the wellness physical is not a head-to-toe physical examination or a visit to address specific health concerns. The focus of wellness visits is on preventive care and the development of a personalized plan to maintain or improve your overall health.

What to expect during your Annual Wellness Physicals?

During your annual wellness physical at Destiny Internal Medicine, we will do various examinations and assessments. These include: 

  • Evaluation of your body, including body vitals, your current health issues, and medications. 
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Tailored exercise plan
  • Arranged counseling based on your lifestyle habits
  • Talk about fall prevention in adults 

We may also review and discuss preventive screenings that are suitable for you based on your age, risk factors, and family history.

Preparing for Annual Wellness Physicals

Preparing for your appointment is crucial to ensure a productive visit and a comprehensive discussion about your health. Here are some general guidelines to follow before your annual wellness physical:

  • Compile your medical history, including past illnesses, surgeries, and hospitalizations.
  • Create a list of your current medications, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and supplements.
  • Prepare your family's medical history, especially if there are hereditary conditions or diseases.
  • Review any recent preventive services or screenings you may have undergone, such as vaccinations, mammograms, colonoscopies, etc.
  • Be ready to discuss your lifestyle and health habits, including details about your diet, exercise routine, smoking, and alcohol consumption.
  • Take note of any current health concerns or issues you want to discuss during the appointment.
  • Bring relevant health documents, such as records of recent screenings, test results, or information about changes in your health.
  • Compile a list of your current healthcare providers, including specialists and their contact information.
  • Have your insurance information readily available, along with any required co-payment.

Annual Wellness Physicals at Destiny Internal Medicine

An hour-long annual wellness physical can help you prioritize your health and embark on a personalized and preventive journey toward optimal health. At Destiny Internal Medicine, we provide comprehensive services to ensure a thorough and wholesome wellness visit. 

To schedule an appointment with one of our providers, call us at 720-324-4777 or request an appointment online.

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