Primary Care Services

Primary healthcare services serve as your initial connection with the healthcare system when you face non-emergency health issues. These services play a crucial role in illness prevention and overall health maintenance.

At Destiny Internal Medicine, our dedicated healthcare professionals offer a range of comprehensive primary care services. This includes preventive measures, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment for your specific health conditions. 

Our primary care services aim to establish an easy and accessible avenue to healthcare. Our team is committed to delivering personalized primary care to help manage your health concerns, whether they are common minor illnesses or long-term health conditions.

Annual Wellness Physicals

An annual wellness physical is a preventive healthcare service that aims to assess and promote your overall health and well-being. 

These annual wellness physicals are typically pre-arranged visits with your primary care physician. The physician will review your health and wellness and develop a personalized preventive healthcare plan for your specific needs.

At Destiny Internal Medicine, we provide comprehensive annual wellness physicals to review your health. These appointments are usually hour-long visits with your physicians, where you collaboratively work to make a health plan that prioritizes your specific needs and addresses your unique health conditions.

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Men's Health

Men's health includes a range of issues specific to men, like testosterone levels, sexual health, and a tendency to adopt unhealthy habits. Common men’s health issues include testicular cancer, urinary problems, and prostate conditions. 

Men often face challenges in maintaining both their mental and physical health to secure long and healthy lives.

In contrast to women, men are more likely to engage in excessive smoking, drinking, and other unhealthy lifestyle choices. They often avoid medical care and regular check-ups as well.

At Destiny Internal Medicine, we offer comprehensive medical care dedicated to preventing, diagnosing, and managing various men's health issues. Our services also include regular check-ups and screenings to ensure the maintenance of optimal health.

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Women's Health

Women's health covers a wide range of conditions, including gender-specific health issues, such as menstrual cycles and pregnancy. Women’s health also includes common disorders that might manifest differently in women.

Certain health conditions manifest differently in women than men and may require different specialized treatments.

Occasionally, common conditions like diabetes and heart issues may exhibit distinct symptoms in women. 

At Destiny Internal Medicine, we offer comprehensive care for various women's health conditions, including menopause, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and more. Our expert team is dedicated to diagnosing, preventing, managing, and treating your condition based on your specific needs and circumstances.

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Immunizations or vaccines are a crucial part of preventive healthcare, offering essential protection for both children and adults against various infectious diseases.

Immunizations involve introducing a weakened or dead virus or bacteria into your body, prompting the immune system to produce antibodies.

This prepares your body to efficiently combat the disease if you are later exposed to the disease-causing organism, providing effective protection against infections.

At Destiny Internal Medicine, we prioritize your health throughout all life stages. Our devoted team of healthcare professionals is here to assist you in receiving the right vaccines for your specific health needs and lifestyle. 

Whether it's routine childhood immunizations or vaccines for older adults, we provide a diverse range of vaccinations tailored to each age group.

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Mental Health

Mental health can affect your daily life, relationships, and physical health. Conversely, these factors can also influence your mental health, leading to the development of specific mental health conditions or disorders. 

A mental health disorder is a health condition that can influence your thoughts, mood, and behavior, ultimately impacting the way you perceive the world around you.

A mental health condition can cause intense distress and diminish the quality of your life, affecting both your functionality and happiness. 

Optimal mental health is essential for your overall well-being and quality of life. Common mental health conditions include depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more. You can effectively address your mental health challenges through medication, counseling, or a combination of both. 

Timely intervention and proper management are crucial in alleviating the negative impacts of mental health disorders. At Destiny Internal Medicine, our expert team provides comprehensive medical assistance and care to support the well-being of your mental health.

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Chronic Condition Management

Chronic condition management involves the effective management of the symptoms of a long-term disease to enhance your overall health and well-being, ultimately fostering an improved quality of life. 

Through active management of your chronic conditions with medical assistance, you can slow down the progression of symptoms and regulate them efficiently.

Chronic diseases are enduring health conditions that persist for an extended period, exceeding six months, and do not heal or resolve completely. Coping with these conditions is particularly challenging since you have to adapt to living with them, since they can last for many years or even a lifetime. 

Managing a chronic condition requires a holistic approach that encompasses overall health. At Destiny Internal Medicine, we provide personalized medical care tailored to your specific needs and conditions. 

We aim to enhance your well-being by offering comprehensive support, encompassing both medical assistance and education for self-management of these conditions in your daily life.

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Arthritis Management

Arthritis is inflammation in the joints that leads to pain and limited mobility in your body, affecting the quality of your life.

There are different types of arthritis, but typical symptoms include moderate to severe joint pain and stiffness. At Destiny Internal Medicine, we offer comprehensive treatment for arthritis, providing personalized care to manage these symptoms effectively.

The treatment for arthritis primarily includes medication, physical therapy, and surgery and depends on your specific type of condition. The primary focus of treatment is on reducing symptoms and improving mobility in the body.

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Primary Care Services at Destiny Internal Medicine

Primary care is essential for maintaining good health, managing chronic conditions, and receiving timely and personalized healthcare services. At Destiny Internal Medicine, we are committed to providing comprehensive primary care to help you manage your health challenges effectively. 

To schedule an appointment with our healthcare providers, call us at 720-324-4777 or request an appointment online.

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